Tuesday, January 20, 2015

An Ongoing Process

Coming off of this 4 day weekend, I would say it was a success. However there are stressful times ahead. I have 47 unread emails alerting me to assignments that need to be done and I'm also trying to register to take one of the most important standardized tests of my future teaching career. See that school children? Adults have to take tests, too. Sigh.

This weekend I completed two more squares out of my cosy granny square blanket. I also completed (pictured above) a Hufflepuff hat that someone commisioned from me. I did not follow a pattern, so I suppose that if I wanted to that I could write a pattern for it. It is very simple, and most likely anyone with a little crocheting experience could probably look at it and figure it out... but I think that it could be a cool thing to do.

Also this weekend I saw the third installation of the Hobbit with my perfect other half. There were a lot more people in the theatre than we thought there would be. It is a very long movie, by the end of it I was no longer comfortable in my seat and was grateful to get up and leave. I did let out some tears during the movie, but I will not say why. I will strive to keep this a spoiler-less blog.

I am anxiously awaiting my match for Fig and Thistle's  VALENTINE BOOK SWAP!!!!!! I'm coming up with ideas already and I cannot wait to crochet something for them. EEEEEEEE

Last night I returned to my dorm after a wonderful weekend, and I relaxed by balling yarn. As you can see, there is a lot of yarn to ball and a lot of yarn that has been balled. It is an ongoing process.

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