Wednesday, January 14, 2015

FO - Katniss Cowl

This is a pattern that I have looked at many times over the course of the past few months,  but I never had enough yarn (or the right kind)  to make it.  I finally decided to just go out and buy yarn specifically for it,  and I'm so glad I did. I finished it last night and it's pretty cold today,  so of course I'm wearing it,  and the thing that I have heard the most from people is that it looks like I'm wearing a blanket around my neck.

I did not do the whole pattern because I did my post crochet differently and the ridged sections were much bigger than planned!

It's kind of hard to figure out how to wear,  you have to adjust it and mess with it so that it's all arranged in a nice way.  I'm so glad that I picked the color I did, it's just a beautiful soft grey.  It is gonna go with most things in my wardrobe and the other things I have crocheted.

I highly recommend this pattern to people who hate being cold.  It's definitely worth the cost of the yarn and the time to make it,  I'll never be cold again!

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