Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I have been successfully moved into my dorm as of almost 3 weeks ago.

I still kind of feel unbalanced. I expected some increased amount of free time this semester, but not this much homework. Though, I had also expected to gain friends rather than lose them. However, that prospect is looking up.

My University... is beautiful. I love/hate my old dorm room. I don't mean "old" as in "a room I've had in the past", but like "Wow this building is super old and awesome looking!"
I hate it because the floor squeaks and the air conditioner creeks and groans, yet still can't provide any cooling relief for my roommates and me. I hate it because the floor is slanted. I love my dorm because the ceilings are tall, the doors are huge, heavy, wooden, and just old (this is why I enjoy the rare books room as well!). I love it because the bathroom was recently re-done!

While I'm here, anyone have any book recommendations for me?

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