Wednesday, June 18, 2014

To Kill a Mockingbird - Final Update

I don't have anything super profound to say about this novel. I certainly liked it more than the first time I read it, though I don't really remember anything about it from high school. I don't know why I expected to have something really interesting to say about Atticus Finch and his kids, but for some reason I had that notion. I believe that this story is good insight into how the mindset of the south started to change. It also shows us a single father trying to do good by his kids, a sleepy southern town and it's inner social workings, and how a child's imagination can run away with them. 

I would recommend that if you read TKAMB in high school to re-read it again as an adult. The story just made a little more sense to me, I guess, with some age and experience.


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