Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Through Photos

My eno came today! I was disappointed when I checked the mail the first time because only the hammock had been delivered and not the straps. I went to check the mail again for whatever reason, and ta-da! Straps! I got the singlenest because I will be the only one sleeping in this during camping trips. Jason has the doublenest eno (which is a little bit more expensive than the singlenest + extra width so that two people can lay in "comfortably"). I know he'll be happy to have the whole thing to himself next time we go camping! His doublenest worked fine for the both of us, but could be especially uncomfortable on hot nights, so it was decided that I needed my very own.

Mockingbird... I'm so close to being done with this book, but I always find myself doing other things instead of reading it. Today, the heat won against my battle to read outside in my eno. There was absolutely no breeze, so the longer I sat, the hotter I got. I didn't get very much reading done.

Game of Thones! Tied for second place with HIMYM on my list of favorite TV shows (the X-Files taking the number one spot), and sadly leaving another season behind. The season 4 finale was on Sunday, and of course I had to wear my Westeros dress. I'll try to make this spoiler free. I am a bit upset that we even saw Jon Snows face in this episode- though I guess his short involvement in the episode progressed Stannis the Mannis' story line a little. I cried when Dany cried, and rejoiced at Tyrion's choices. We finally saw Bran after a few episodes of him being absent, and OH MY GLOB YOU GUYS THEY FOUND IT. I can't even. I also love that Arya's story line is FINALLY progressing in some way other than a relative dying. She should have done that earlier.

Happy Father's day Dad!

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