Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Wedding.

This post is definitely a little bit late. On May 10th my oldest cousin got married, and I had the honor of being a Bride's maid alongside some lovely ladies (including another cousin of mine- the Maid of Honor). This wedding marked only the second wedding I have ever been to and is the first wedding that I can even remember. I didn't really know how weddings worked, what was happening half of the time, or what my role in all of it was. Then came the day.

We got to Tybee Island on Friday a few hours before the rehearsal & the rehearsal dinner.

The food was good, the company was awesome (being that it was mostly my family and my lovely other-half). All-in-all I believed this was a good beginning to what would turn out to be a wonderful weekend. The next day I found out what I was there for: Shannon, the bride. I was there to sharpen her eyeliner with a knife when there was no sharpener present, I was there to clean up her spilled wine and tears, and I was there to offer her my glass of wine because there was none left. I was there to do things that she needn't worry about, like lead David blindly through the house so that he didn't lay eyes on her before the ceremony. But most importantly I was there to do what I have always done for Shannon, be her family. And that meant doing anything she wanted that day, and I did it.


One aspect of the ceremony that I really enjoyed was the sand/salt ceremony. David, Shannon, and the pastor poured the colored sand into the picture frame. The idea is that they will always be together, or at least until they can separate all of the grains of sand. The sand is a symbol for themselves (obviously) and it symbolizes that they will never be able to separate one of them from the other, they will love each other and exist together as one.

The bridal party. Yes, those are temporary dinosaur tattoos.
The bridal party + groomsmen
The bridal party.
The wedding party.

I am so happy that they found each other, and that I got to be part of this day in their lives that will remember forever. Yeah, I cried a little. I love you guys!

I painted this a wedding present to the bride and groom, from Jason and I.

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