Friday, May 30, 2014

Current Events: TKAMB, artistry, and shopping.

Currently, I am about 3/4 of the way through TKAMB (272 out of 376) (Also part of my Classics Club list). When I began, I realized that I really didn't remember as much about this book as I thought I did. First of all, Miss Caroline is the most irritating character to me. In high school when I read this I suppose I must have just not known as much as I do now, particularly about the education system and it's inner-workings. Miss Caroline has a stick up her butt about as long as Maycomb County is wide, and someone needs to remove it. I realize that this was a different time than it is now, but who in their right mind even back then would tell a child to stop reading and writing?! Nowadays it's unacceptable to be illiterate- as an educator you would never tell a child not to read or write on their own time. Another thing I don't understand. If Scout knew her alphabet and all her letters were in order, she could pronounce words correctly, WHY did Miss Caroline tell her that she had been taught wrong? Sigh. I just don't get her. Atticus is my favorite character, but that's no surprise to me. He's just a stand up guy with a bad ass name.

I knew that I was going to spending a good amount of money on clothing this summer as I have lost about 50lbs in the past two years. I'm not sure what the pineapple craze is about, but I love it. I have gotten two pineapple shirts in the past two days, and I'm not sorry. The one on the left I got from Old Navy, on the right from Target. The daisy skirt is a wonderful thing- wear it hiked up and add a cute colored top, tuck it in, instant cute outfit. I've also acquired two new pairs of shorts (one pair for summer fun, one pair that is an appropriate length for my new job). Assorted other scores: a red v-neck, new bikini bottoms, seven bottles of paint, Pocky, and three mini-canvases.

Maybe you guys have figured it out by now, but I love to paint. With my mini-canvases I am doing my first ever series (yay!) on the evolution of Togepi. These small sprites keep getting easier as I go, this is really improving upon my brush control. I have numerous other ideas, but the not the time to tell you! Ha!

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