Sunday, April 27, 2014

My love affair with Goodwill.

Today my mother and I took 11 bags/boxes/crates full of junk to Goodwill. First of all- most people that work there are extremely polite and just happy to be alive! Secondly- I love STUFF... as you probably know. Mom commented when we were walking inside, "We just rid of a ton of junk, now we're just gonna leave with more!"
But when I get something from Goodwill, it feels like gold to me. Today I got two books, a small plate, and an AMAZING POSTER (that was already framed! Bonus!).

I'm a huge lover of The X-Files. One of the first shows
that I felt compelled to watch from the start to the
finish- also something my parents enjoyed watching
when my brother and I were little.
Robinson Crusoe was actually my favorite book in the
fifth grade, so I couldn't pass up owning it. Robert Frost
is always a good choice!
Got the plate because it matched the pot my succulent is in
perfectly! Say no to spills!

And I can't forget about the biggest score (next to the iconic The X-Files poster, of course!): a piano bench, like new, with storage for only $5. A bench like this one would easily be $20 - $30 at a music store. The piano bench we had before was too short, and the cushion has completely come off with years of wear (this was a seriously old piano bench) so that all that was left was a small fraying around the edges of the seat. Now we just need a find a piano tuner around here that will actually answer their phones!

Going back to the 11 boxes/bags/crates of things we donated today. I donated 4 bags full of clothing that has been sitting in my dresser at my parents house for the past 3 years - unworn, untouched. It's amazing how many clothes I have that I don't need, don't wear, and that don't fit. I'm happily satisfied that someone will find use of these clothes, and hopefully they'll look better on them than they did me! :) I also found some old toys at the back of my closet, and I really have no idea why I was keeping them. They were just taking up space that I needed, so why was I keeping them? I hope some kid has a good time with my Barbie horse and stretchy-alien-dude.

Also, here's a picture of my cat sleeping on my feet because I love her.

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