Monday, April 28, 2014

My (current) Favorite Things on Pinterest!

This is something that I'm considering making a 'thing'. I'll post one, or maybe two, things from my favorite boards (or one from each? Nah, I have too many boards for that) on Mondays. Also, I've added a little Pinterest button to the left <<<<<<<<< so you guys can follow me if you like. :)

From my "stuff" board. My general feels about working on Monday mornings.

From my "Inspiration" board. I use this board mostly for things that I feel will be inspiring (oh, duh, Sky) to me in the future. I pin a lot of colorful patterns and things to this board. This picture spoke to me through the odd lines and the color pallet.

I'm ignoring the weirdness of the photo layout. Blogger, you're killing me here. Can't I just put them in a straight line? I've spent the past 20 minutes on these photos! But that's beside the point. These are from my "music" board - my favorite, but one of the my lesser used boards because there isn't a ton of music humor on Pinterest. However, when it is found, it's always a hoot and I'm glad for it!

From "My Style" board. This tank top is perfect for this upcoming summer. It's thin, the color is great, and who doesn't want Saturn on their shirt!

And then there's this chicken chili from my "FOOD" board. I love chili in general, and chicken, AND avocado, so I think this recipe will be a slam dunk for me. Though I think I will wait to try it until fall, when it's an appropriate temperature for chili.

Aaaand last but not least, my "DIY" board. This board probably gets the most pins. I love this idea, take a picture in each state you visit and cut it to fit the state on a map. Makes for a cute decoration and memory board!

I think that Pinterest is a great resource. It's not your typical social media, but works in all the same ways. You follow someone, they follow you, you "re-pin" things and they appear in others newsfeeds. It's a quick and easy way to pass along information and ideas, and I'm hooked!

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