Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014. Books and Other Things I Did Today.


I just read the very last page of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi W. Durrow.

I'm not going to say it's a bad book, because it's not, but I am left slightly confused. The story is great, good enough to make me want to keep reading ALL DAY. The easiest way to explain the pros and cons of the book? LIST FORM.

Things I Liked About It:

  • It's written beautifully, I love Durrow's writing style. It's simple, but some how still intricately detailed.
  • Each chapter takes place in a certain person's perspective in the story, each of them viewing the main events differently. 
  • The story is heart wrenching. A little girl with a black father and a Danish mother growing up during the 1980's after a traumatic childhood experience. (No spoilers here! Ha!)
  • It also showcases how people deal with grief and conflict differently.
  • It's also interesting how I did not know what Durrow looked like until about 5 minutes before this, but I imagined Rachel (the main character) to look exactly as she does.

Things I Didn't Like About It:

  • It was confusing trying to keep track of who was black and who was white. Race and identity had a lot to do with the story, but it was treated with a nonchalance that made it a little blurry for the reader.

All-in-all, I loved this book and would recommend it to any one of you. It was first delve into more "mature" novels rather than young adult- and my tastes are not soured. I'm sure that this is going to be a book I read many more times in my life.

Other Things I Did Today:

  • A puzzle! It was on my tablet, so it was less satisfying than if it had been an actual puzzle, but it was still fun. >>>>>
  • Had 4 cups of coffee and sat by my window while I read and listened to Frightened Rabbit (which is a great band to read to, by the way).

Hope you guys have a good rest of your Wednesday!

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