Thursday, January 08, 2015

One Project Ends, Another Begins [Cosy Giany Granny]

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I finished the Stripey Afghan, so last night I of course had to start a new project. I've been waiting so long to start on this that I'm bouncing out of my seat just thinking about working on it. My fingers got an itch that only crochet can satisfy! I had to make myself finish the Stripey Afghan before I could start this next one.

My latest project can be found on Ravelry in the form of a (yay!) FREE PATTERN!
I've just been following the chart and have been having no problems with it. Though, I am only using 4 colors, where as the pattern calls for 5. I am following the color changes of the pattern, but picking my colors at random.
That being said, I'm modeling my blanket after another project on Ravelry that's under the same pattern. I saw this project and I fell in deep sweet love with this blanket. I had to have one. So, I am making one.

Here is my own project page for the Cosy Giant Granny.
And if you have a Ravelry account, let's be friends!


  1. I love that pattern. Attic24 has an amazing blog filled with cozy crochet.

    1. I had a dream last night that I quit the library and school so that I could crochet all day and start my own Etsy shop. Sigh.