Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Busy as a Bee!

I have survived the first week of classes! Though it was busy, stressful, and most of all cold, I would call it a successful week. As you all know, I finished the stripey afghan that I had been working on for months, and started another large project that's ALL FOR ME! Words cannot express how excited I am about this huge blanket and the prospect of cuddling my honey underneath it. You can find the Ravelry project page for my giant granny square blanket here. In the original square pattern the author only used 6 squares to make a twin size blanket, but my inspiration project (Cosy Granny Blanket on Ravelry) used 9 squares and a very large 6 inch border. However, after looking at one square on the bed I thought maybe I would need a whopping 12 squares to make this blanket as big as I would want it. Jason comes up behind me and says "Maybe it should be 16 SQUARES!"
And so it shall be. This is going to be one very HUGE blanket.

The cold last week was a terrible, bone chilling type of cold. The wind cut through everything I was wearing, no matter the number of layers I squeezed into, just for the short walk from my dorm to work. It was so cold in fact, that the fountain on front lawn completely froze over on Tuesday, and still had some ice in it today.

The worst part about the first week was not actually the cold, but getting used to a schedule again. Unfortunately, my schedule sucks this semester. I have 4 classes in a row on Monday and Wednesday with 10 minutes between each one. Oh yeah, and they're all in different buildings. On Tuesday and Thursday I get up SUPER EARLY and come open at the library (which isn't so bad because I get to talk crochet with nerdybookgirl over at Fig and Thistle!)

Because my schedule is jam packed full, I have not found a regular time to go to the gym, and this is stressing me out an unbelievable amount. Last semester I was going at least 3 times a week and I felt really good. Now it's beginning to be hard to find time, but I need that time!
Also, this semester is my senior recital! More on that at a later date.

I've also started work on 2 more crochet projects, the Katniss Cowl by The Friendly Red Fox (free pattern yaaaay!) and a broomstick lace scarf. You can find my Ravelry project pages here and here.
For my Katniss Cowl I chose to use Bernat Rover in Putty, a 5 weight yarn.

In the last photo I have already used 4 skeins (480yds) of the yarn, and wasn't even half way through what promised to be a 600yd project. I thought this might be because I was using a 5 weight yarn rather than the 6 that the pattern called for, but my crocheting buddy is making the same cowl with the same yarn (in Flint) and hers was radically different than mine, mostly in the height of the ridged rows.

Apparently I do my post crochet's wrong! I still go through the top of the stitch, when I'm supposed to just go under it and around. (does that make sense? It does to me!)
Well, I'm definitely not frogging it. Instead of repeating rows 2-10 again, I will finish the repeat that I am on and then repeat rows 2-5 for a finished look. But I've gotta go get some more yarn from Jo Ann before I can finish it! I foresee this being a 6 skein project.

Broomstick lace is not turning out to be my favorite stitch, by any means. I like the way it looks, but I find it tedious. This will be a project that I work on when I'm extremely bored.

Also last week, I received a Christmas gift that I had been anxiously waiting on! Thanks babe! <3
Opal is my birthstone, and of all the varieties I like the fire opal the best.

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  1. You have the best blog. I love your enthusiasm (and yarn).

    1. My blog is miles away from yours!