Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Can you tell I'm really bad at titles? I realize that I haven't posted anything for a while... this is caused by lack of inspiration to write and read. Why do that when I can watch Dexter on Netflix all day? Or do online shopping for things that I will probably never buy? Or refresh the tracking information on my map of Westeros dress every hour? Or watch Game of Thrones with my lovely other half? There are so many reasons as to why I haven't been blog-present lately, and I don't really feel bad for having any of those reasons. It's summer time, I don't have classes, so I'm relaxing. And working two jobs.

I've seen a lot of blog posts (thanks to BlogLovin) of people writing about the things that made them happy that week or detailing how to do a large DIY project. As I am not currently doing a large DIY project, I'm going to steal the idea of "things that I enjoyed about the past week".

  • The Boyfriend: Seeing Jason never fails to make my week better, even if it was going well to begin with. He fills my heart to bursting capacity with love, and I can't really imagine doing anything else with my long, humid summer days than spending them with him. (However I do wish it would stop raining so we can do fun outdoorsy things!)
  • Game of Thrones: I was a little bit behind, just watched episode 8 on Friday, then episode 9 on Sunday, and all I can say without leaving any spoilers is that the past few episodes of GoT have been becoming increasingly more metal. I mean, Sansa, where did you get that dress?! What happened to the Mountain?! And oh my GOODNESS FEELS about Jon Snow and Ygritte.
  • Painting: Jason's mother has asked me to paint a mural in the new baby room for little Gabrella when she comes to visit her Grandma and Grandpa. I'm very excited about this- it's going to be simple and cute. I've never been asked to paint a mural before and I'm already bursting with ideas! 
  • Money: This probably isn't going to sound very 'healthy' to be so happy about money, but when your bank account is making cricket noises at you, you know it's time to get paid. And I did! So yay!
  • Special Events: Having my paycheck allows me to take Jason on a date for his upcoming birthday and our two-year anniversary. It's been two years already?! Time flies when you're having fun. Also coming up is my cousin's high school graduation party. I'm not sure how many adults will be there vs. people she went to school with, but it promises a good time.
  • My Kitty Cat: Madeline never fails to make me happy. (If I do another post like this in the future, she will probably be on every single one. Just a warning.)
  • Extra-Caffeinated Coffee: Nothing to say about this other than "yeeeeeees".
I'm going to try and stay on it with this blog thing.  "Constant vigilance!" in the words of Mad-Eye Moody, my favorite (but sadly, dead) auror.

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  1. Good things. I'm lacking in blog inspiration lately. I'll blame being sick and reading very thick books for my slacking.