Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Pinterest Monday! (On a Tuesday!)

 I would wear this top and shoes anywhere, together or as separate pieces. And I would especially wear them to work!

I dunno about you guys- but I was pretty upset that they left S.P.E.W out of the HP movies. It really would have brought a lightness to the last couple of films to contrast all of the dark and heavy material. Though, I loved them all the same.

From my DIY board. I've been wondering about cross stitching for a while now- I think this might be my first try. We'll see.

On the list of things to do when I get my own place: make some awesome shelving units. I think this one in particular is neato burrito because:
1. It's very large, therefore, lots of space for books!
2. The shape. Most bookshelves are just blah. Straight up and down, adjustable shelves, whatever.
3. How the books are arranged. With this set up, you can't put all the books on there bottoms in a nice neat row and it adds a certain visual interest that I adore.
4. They're arranged by color!

That's it for my Pinterest today guys. Have a good night!


  1. All of this YES! Except for the shelves, that would screw with my OCD.

    1. Lol! The only reason it doesn't screw with mine is because I like when things are arranged by color.