Friday, November 14, 2014


Sitting at work, and had the itching to write a blog post. Today I did something I never do, which is crochet while I'm on my break. It's only 15 minutes, but I added 3 more rows to the scarf I'm working on for Jason. Huzzah!

Things that are in the works:
A Study in Red Heart: Unforgettable - This is what I have affectionately named the granny square blanket I'm working on, made (almost) entirely from Red Heart Unforgettable yarns. I am almost finished with the first set of 6x6 granny squares, made from "Parrot".

One Ravenclaw scarf - This is the scarf I'm working up for Jason. I'm using Caron Simply Soft yarn (no idea the name of the color... will let you know when I get more!) and Red Heart Unforgettable "Bistro". I've started and thrown out this scarf many times, but now that I'm finally getting a hang of counting my stitches and turning with a chain, this one is turning out much much better. I'm making it very thick because I want it to be nice and warm!

An afghan, throw size - My first commission... oh boy. A friend of mine handed me $30 worth of yarn yesterday and told me he would pay me to make him a throw. I'm very excited about this, but also nervous. He didn't give a pattern that he wanted, just told me that he likes stripes. I will probably end up doing some pretty simple triple or double crochet stripes in each color, but what if he doesn't like it and doesn't want to pay for it?! I'm pretty nervous about it, but plan on starting this weekend. I'm using these photos as my inspiration:

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