Monday, May 12, 2014

My Pinterest Favorites!

<<<    Pictured left, from my "things that nerdy me loves" board. This really gave me goose-pimples on my goose-pimples while I was reading it this morning. HP has always (and probably will always remain) my favorite series, and this just hit me square in the feels. I can't.

^^^ From my "art" board. I have no idea who painted this- but I find it striking. I love when there is so much paint on a canvas that it pops out at you. The only problem is that I want to touch it, feel it under my fingers. But that's definitely a no-no!

From my "tattoos" board. I don't necessarily want a rose tattoo on my shoulder, however, I LOVE the placement of this tattoo. It's perfect. Maybe this is where I should get my HP tattoo? Hmmm. I must ponder this. >>>

From my "inspiration" board. >>>
I read this, and I really... understood it. Be a fountain, not a drain. Help to enrich someone else's (and your own) life by being helpful, happy, and honest. A smile can change someone's day- you just never know. The next time you see someone and would normally just look at the ground and avoid eye-contact (like I normally do...), I challenge you to smile at them. I'm also going to be doing this. I will also being trying to remain more positive about situations in my life. I am sometimes overly dramatic, and I don't want to "be a drain" to the people that I love in my life. Thanks for the life lesson, Pinterest.

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  1. Good idea for a post. I have a billion pinboards of projects I will probably never complete. I should showcase some of the awesome stuff that will never happen.