Friday, July 11, 2014

June (in July)

I know that it is well into July, but here are some things that I loved about June:

  1. My jobs: I really wish I was working in the library this month, as there are many cool people who work there and I now don't get to see as often as I would like. Also, books. Summer care is amazing, and I finally got the kids to stop calling me 'Ms. Skyler', seeing as that is not my name.
  2. My boyfriend: The end of June is always capped off with Jason's birthday and our two year anniversary, so this is one of my many reasons that I love June. We spent some quiet time being together and I enjoyed every second of it.
  3. WoW: Yes, I know... nerd. But it's so fun! I don't get to play during the school year as I am so incredibly busy, but reactivating my account in the summer feels like Christmas!
  4. Shopping: I can't handle it, I'm addicted. Got a few new clothing items that I am extremely happy with (including my GoT dress!!!) and some things that I will be needing for school.
  5. Financial Aid: I am proud to announce that my next year of school is completely paid for through my financial aid, work study, and scholarships! Yay!
I apologize for my lack of presence in this blog lately. I have felt a complete lack of motivation toward writing, even reading. This is something I am working to remedy. Got any advice for me?


  1. Come back to the library !!!!! Glad to see you're still kicking.

    1. I will soon! You should remind me to write a blog post tonight... ha!